Environments Designer Mauro Solmi — shot by Yichao Sun

If you look closely, a structure can tell you a lot about the person that designed it. Spiritual spaces carry great meaning and can evoke deeply personal feelings, while below-market-rate residential projects are designed to support the needs of underrepresented communities. The work of architectural designer Mauro Solmi, however, inspires optimism, blazing a bold path into the future of imaginative and socially responsible structural design.

Mauro Solmi’s broad portfolio of work includes the design of underwater habitats and scalable 3D printed homes for supporting neighborhoods in need of community housing; He first became fascinated with construction materials and machinery in…

Director and producer Glen Mitku

The power of film is sometimes hard to describe. The ability of a filmmaker to transport viewers to unknown realms while still imbuing a feeling that is believable is one of the most powerful aspects of the art form. In his 2019 directing and producing debut “Alone,” Greek-born filmmaker Glen Mitku shows his adeptness at conveying this principle, while also proving that at its core, filmmaking is less about budget and time constraints and more of a combination of strong storytelling and artistic drive.

Glen Mitku, currently based in New York, not only produced and directed the 2019 film “Alone,”…

Costume designer Alabama Blonde — Photo by Tom Cutbush

Australia has long-enjoyed success in the Hollywood film industry, but though it is largely its actors, actresses and directors who have garnered the most fame, it is actually in the craft of costume design where Australia has won most of its Oscars.

Since the Academy Awards began, Australians have won eight Oscars in costume design, with Warner Bros. costumier Orry-Kelly winning three in the 1950s for his films, followed by Catherine Martin who won Oscars for “Moulin Rouge,” “Australia” and “The Great Gatsby.”

Following the path traversed by Kelly and Martin is fellow Australian, Emma Fleming, better known by her…

Composer Aldo Arechar shot by Laura Wielo

Aldo Arechar knows that a captivating score is the magical ingredient that brings visual media to life. It is the audience’s emotional guide, bringing another, more subtle dimension of storytelling to motion pictures. Working alongside some of Hollywood’s most lauded composers, Aldo Arechar has brought his magic touch to the silver screen and established himself as a major talent in the film industry.

The son of a doctor and a kindergarten director in San Luis Potosi, Mexico, Aldo Arechar was encouraged to explore his childhood interests to the fullest. When his curiosity turned to piano at the age of six…

Production Designer Peta McKenna in front of a series of paintings she created for an upcoming project

Behind every great film set is a production designer with a sharp artistic eye. One such production designer is Australia’s Peta McKenna. Over the years McKenna has become known for more than just her ability to build dazzling sets from the ground up, but more importantly, for her ability to infuse those sets with layered symbolism that add to the story.

With a repertoire of work that includes designing countless theatrical productions, such as the Constans Theatre’s productions of “Pippin” and “Red Velvet,” “Dance 2020” at the Black Box Theatre, and the Actor’s Warehouse 2019 presentation of “Fuddy Meers,” as…

Creative Strategy Officer Gilles Boisselet

Technology is changing every aspect of our lives. Advertising is no different. It takes a particular and unique mind to be able to combine science and art in a way that seems effortless and awe-inspiring. Even more rare is the ability to understand the way engineering, big tech, advertising, and art intersect, and then merge those concentrations to create a product that revolutionizes the way brands and their customers relate.

Unit 9’s Creative Strategy Officer Gilles Boisselet is at the forefront of this revolution, and he continues to help mainstream brands get creative with technology. Unit 9 is an innovative…

Executive Producer of Emerging Technology Dan Phillips — Photographer unknown

Technology is changing at an incredible rate. In one instance a new app or VR program seems mind boggling and groundbreaking, only to be swiftly overshadowed by the emergence of more innovative tools and technologies.

It takes a unique mind to stay up to date on all of the latest innovations, and even more rare still, are those who are able to apply the newest technologies in unheard of ways and on a scale that will impact and influence the future use of technology as well as the development of new innovation.

Dan Phillips, the Executive Producer of Emerging Technology…

Actress Amanda Mitchell shot by Shandon Photography

With numerous leading roles in films such as the multi-award winning drama Just One More Day and Awake for a Moment, and the hit crime series Deadly Women and Facing Evil, Australian actress Amanda Mitchell has carved out a prominent position for herself as an actress in both Hollywood and abroad. While her collective body of work reveals her as an exceedingly talented and versatile actress capable of taking on leading roles across genres, she’s definitely found a niche as a sought after detective in the acting world.

Mitchell admits, “I love playing strong roles, as they are a contrast…

Director Olivier Philippe shot by Yan Chetrit

Since childhood French director Olivier Philippe has been innovating new approaches to storytelling in digital media, television, advertising and other media formats. Over the years he has revolutionized the industry with his work, and he’s recently proven that it will take a whole lot more than a global pandemic to slow him down.

Olivier Philippe’s directorial credits span every medium, with many of his most renowned works in the realms of television and advertising. His work can be seen in some of the world’s most popular television series, such as “Top Chef” and the BBC’s “The Great British Bake Off,”…

Colorist Aline Sinquin shot by Zoe Fisher

From the 1939 version of “The Wizard of Oz,” the first ever film made in technicolor, to the 2000 dramedy “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?,” which was the first film to be completely digitally graded, there have been massive advances in the world of color grading over the past 80 years.

Though the techniques have advanced exponentially, the amount of women in the field still has something to be desired. …

Portia Leigh

Portia is a journalist & poet from Los Angeles. You can find her work through №3 Magazine, ElephantJournal.com, Gypsyrich.com, Stillstoked.com and more.

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