Director Olivier Philippe shot by Yan Chetrit

Since childhood French director Olivier Philippe has been innovating new approaches to storytelling in digital media, television, advertising and other media formats. Over the years he has revolutionized the industry with his work, and he’s recently proven that it will take a whole lot more than a global pandemic to slow him down.

Olivier Philippe’s directorial credits span every medium, with many of his most renowned works in the realms of television and advertising. His work can be seen in some of the world’s most popular television series, such as “Top Chef” and the BBC’s “The Great British Bake Off,”…

Colorist Aline Sinquin shot by Zoe Fisher

From the 1939 version of “The Wizard of Oz,” the first ever film made in technicolor, to the 2000 dramedy “Oh Brother Where Art Thou?,” which was the first film to be completely digitally graded, there have been massive advances in the world of color grading over the past 80 years.

Though the techniques have advanced exponentially, the amount of women in the field still has something to be desired. …

Supercomputer Specialist Jean-Marie Verdun

Supercomputers perform compute-intensive tasks to help answer some of the most complex questions in the world. How did the cosmos evolve? When is the next earthquake expected? However, there is a ‘not-so-super side’ to supercomputing.

Supercomputers are mammoth machines infamous for excessive heat generation, energy consumption, and adding to the e-waste crisis. The energy used by a 1000 petaflop computer is enough to power San Francisco for a year. As the world gets ready for the grand launch of exascale computers in 2021, we need energy-efficient systems to be truly next-generational.

In such times, Jean-Marie Verdun, a supercomputing specialist with…

Photographer Nilangana Banerjee aka “Olive”

Today multi-award winning photographer Nilangana Banerjee, who’s best known throughout the industry by her nickname Olive, is renowned for her creative ability to capture photos that lead viewers to question societal standards. While her photos are undeniably captivating thanks to her stellar art direction, styling and composition, it is Olive’s use of the medium as a proponent for social change that separates her from others.

She says, “I am a strong believer of making art that delivers more than the aesthetic appeal to my audience. …

While catchy copy and an unforgettable tagline are necessary for a good advertisement, eye-catching images are the most powerful element in a campaign. Images are the first thing a viewer sees, and they can make or break a campaign.

When it comes to advertising photography, where multi-million dollar products are on the line, the images have to grab the viewer’s attention in an unforgettable way. Naturally, this places quite a bit of pressure on the photographer to deliver. …

Motion Graphics Designer in Focus: Emanuele Marani

Italian Motion Graphics Designer Emanuel Marani

Standing out in the modern motion graphics industry takes overflowing creativity, technical knowledge and skill as a storyteller, all qualities Italian motion graphics designer Emanuele Marani has in spades.

Last month Marani was recognized with a Bronze Cube Award from the ADC Awards, one of the world’s most coveted and longest running awards ceremonies in the creative industry, for his work as the motion graphics designer behind the opening title for “The Morning Show.”

The hit Apple TV series “The Morning Show,” which has been nominated for three Golden Globe Awards and stars…

Producer Angel Cassani and Joel M. Gonzales Join Forces with Matte Pictures

Producer Angel Cassani

Behind every successful film is a powerful production team. When it comes to creating talented teams, producer Angel Cassani is a proven master. One of Cassani’s most recent collaborations includes cofounding Matte Pictures with fellow producer and award-winning filmmaker Joel M. Gonzales.

“The most important quality for a producer is knowing how to choose the projects and the team members,” says Cassani. …

Film Composer Gabriel Torrado

When it comes to film and television, music is one of the most emotionally influential elements involved in a production. It sets the mood for the story and triggers sensations within the audience making it possible for the narrative to have an even greater impact. Whether it’s the absurdist and contrasting music that drives a comedy’s punchline or the screeching violins of a horror film alerting the audience that the villain is around the corner, a musical score is key to keeping us engaged.

It takes a uniquely talented composer to create a score that both compliments the narrative and…

Storyboard Artist Violaine Briat

At one point or another, most cartoon-loving kids dreamed of becoming a famous storyboard artist behind their favorite animated shows and films. For most though, the inclination is a fleeting one; and for the select few that do manage to turn their passion for animation into careers as storyboard artists in the intensely competitive field, the journey takes immense dedication. Yet, for those like French storyboarder Violaine Briat, no other career would have brought the level of joy and creative satisfaction than that of a storyboard artist.

“I love that in animation you can create things that don’t exist in…

Director and Screenwriter Borja Moreno

One can only imagine the thrill of accomplishment that award-winning Spanish director and screenwriter Borja Moreno felt when he got news that Going Home, one of the newest films he’s co-written alongside Pablo Riquelme, was green-lit for production in Hollywood by producer Cleve Jones.

“It’s a universal story about the youth, and their quest to find themselves and their place in this crazy world we are living in,” explains Borja Moreno, who also co-wrote the Best Shorts Competition Award winning film Heads Will Roll that Riquelme directed last year.

“[Going Home] is written by two youngsters themselves who have experienced…

Portia Leigh

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