British Indian Actor Karan Sagoo Stuns Hollywood with Captivating Lead Roles

Actor Karan Sagoo shot by Bjoern Kommerell

Actors, at their very core, are great communicators. It’s the sole purpose of an actor to believably transform into a character and deliver a high-caliber performance full of emotion and depth, so viewers can escape their own reality and explore the stories of others.

Known for bringing something remarkable to the glamorous hills of Hollywood, Indian-born British actor Karan Sagoo has emerged far beyond the stereotypical roles and cemented himself as a highly sought after actor in today’s film and television industry.

With his charming ethnic appeal, and profound talent for mastering the intricate and unique mannerisms of his diverse character choices, Karan’s creative approach to depicting stories of substance on screen has captured the attention of many high-profile industry figures.

“I bring a strong diverse look to the industry coupled with my command over my acting abilities,” explains Karan. “Having worked internationally and traveled a lot, I’m able to slot into many different personalities and accents.”

Profiting from his extensive modeling career and vast experience commanding his own stunts, for the past 17 years Karan has continued to deliver outstanding lead role performances in many highly acclaimed feature films, televisions shows and commercials.

In 2019 he played the integral role of Jackson, a producer in the adaptation-with-a-twist film “Pride and Prejudice, Cut,” which saw Karan take home the Best Supporting Actor Award at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival in Beverly Hills. In 2018’s award-winning horror flick “Followed,” Karan ruthlessly perfected the role of a demonic and deranged drug dealer alongside John Savage, from the seven-time Oscar nominated film “The Godfather: Part III,” and five-time Oscar Award winning film “The Deer Hunter.”

“I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a creative energy that always needed an outlet since I can remember, and being on stage or film has allowed me to fulfill that,” Karan shares. “I get to tell stories, to take people on journeys and emotionally connect to a world of people and create a positive impact.”

Karan Sagoo with his Best Supporting Actor Award at the Lady Filmmakers Film Festival

Proving that hard work, talent and perseverance truly pay off, Karan’s sheer resilience continues to grant him global opportunities across the industry. In 2021 Karan guest starred on the award-winning series “Magnum P.I.” starring Jay Hernandez of the Oscar-winning film “Suicide Squad,” and Perdita Weeks of the Oscar-nominated flick “The Invisible Woman.”

Karan’s character Barlowe, a trained killer and combat specialist is the main antagonist of the episode, who is eventually killed off after an action-packed street chase and an intense fight scene with the show’s lead character Higgins. Karan performed his own fast moving stunts alongside Hollywood’s A-List stunt woman Hayley Wright (“Wonder Woman,” “Free Guy”).

“I did my own stunts on this project and I got to work with a phenomenal stunt team,” Karan explains. “The stunt coordinator Eric Norris, the youngest son of the famous Chuck Norris, was great to work with… it’s always a wonderful feeling to be a part of such a fantastic group of people who work to bring the audience a story which they can enjoy.”

Profiting from his phenomenal body of work which has landed him at the forefront of the industry, Karan scored the role of Adrian Naidu, a medic in 2022’s “Attack on Titan,” an action sci-fi feature about a war between rebel aliens and humans on earth. The film, which premiered at LA’s Laemmle Santa Monica Theatre, pays homage to the 80s/90s golden age of the multifaceted sci-fi phenomenon.

Karan Sagoo (left) alongside actor Justin Tanks in “Attack on Titan” (Photo by Kim Preston)

In fact, it was his standout performance in “Attack on Titan” which caught the attention of the film’s director Noah Luke (“Seabiscuit”), who was adamant Karan play the leading role in the upcoming disaster parody “Doomsday Meteor” alongside Patrick Labyorteaux (“Heathers”).

In “Doomsday Meteor,” Karan’s character, an army engineer who’s called into active duty during a special mission to save the world from extinction, is an integral role and driving force behind the highly anticipated film, which is set for release later this year under the renowned mockbuster production company The Asylum (“Thor: God of Thunder,” “Bullet Train Down”).

When speaking about Karan’s role in the film, director Noah Luke says, “We’re always pushing the bounds of our imaginations, and Karan excelled at sharing my vision and immersed himself completely into the role.”

“Karan is foremost a wonderful human being that has a focus and intensity which gives me confidence to collaborate with him in terms of exploring character and emotion in whatever story I’m telling… that sort of commitment to roles and helping a Director achieve their vision is a dream come true.”

Actor Karan Sagoo shot by Bjoern Kommerell

What makes Karan so compelling as an actor is that he focuses on stories with a powerful message and sense of escapism, which he believes is an important aspect of mental health in today’s society.

In 2020 Karan collaborated with award-winning global public figure, author and former monk Jay Shetty as part of his “Wisdom Goes Viral” series. Karan played one of three lead characters in the powerful video “If They Ghosted You Watch This,” which has garnered over a whopping 1.1 million views on Shetty’s Instagram, and over 163,000 YouTube views.

“It was great being a part of a project for someone with such a huge following and reach in the world, and because of their reach it was important to them to approve talent that are only of the highest quality and at the top of their industry,” Karan shares.

“With Jay being Indian in his background himself, it was advantageous for him to have me on this project due to my recognition in the Indian Community across the world due to my work.”

For nearly two decades, Karan has well and truly solidified himself as a powerhouse in the global film and television industry. His smooth yet successful transition into Hollywood came after bursting across the glamorous Bollywood screens in films such as 2010’s award-winning “Band Baaja Baaraat,” and the hit romantic comedy film “From Sydney with Love” (2012).

With his natural charm and swooning top-model features, Karan became a major global heartthrob after winning India’s Next Top Model in the first season of the series in 2008–2009. He also was a top three finalist in the romantic 2013 reality series “The Bachelorette India,” which aired on India’s major TV network Life OK, and starred award-winning A list Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat (“Hisss,” “Murder”).

Speaking of his time on the dating show, Karan shares, “I had done something with this platform that I’ve always said I wanted to do…. inspire, provide hope and lead as an example. I was making a change in people’s lives, giving them a silver lining and connecting to them emotionally.”

Slated as a dream come true actor by prestigious filmmakers, Karan has also been featured in many successful commercials for many international brands, such as BMW, Dyson, Toyota, Honda, Virgin Atlantic, Stretch Buckle Belts and Samsung. In addition, Karan has also graced the pages of some of the world’s most influential magazines, including Elle magazine, DNA, Yuva Youth magazine, Rolling Stone, Man’s World, Society.

Film and television carries the potential to play a significant role within our lives today through its ability to change the way we perceive not only ourselves, but the world we live in. So when a compelling actor like Karan Sagoo steps onto the big screen and delivers a captivating performance full of substance and emotion, the end result is nothing short of a powerful ride for audiences to escape into.



Portia is a journalist & poet from Los Angeles. You can find her work through №3 Magazine,,, and more.

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Portia Leigh

Portia is a journalist & poet from Los Angeles. You can find her work through №3 Magazine,,, and more.