Daniel Hernandez’s Musical Mastery: In Search Of His Own Sound

Finding and perfecting your own sound is never easy, which is probably why it took so many years of hard work for Daniel Hernandez to hone his musical talents to perfection. Years of strumming the guitar, making adjustments to microphones, and carefully mixing complicated sounds in the studio have paid off, however, with Daniel’s musical mastery now being in hot demand thanks to his dazzling reputation in the film industry. As a leading sound engineer for a diverse coterie of award winning films, including My Two O’clock and the hilarious comedy In Vino, he’s established himself as a forward-thinking professional who melds well with others on set. Today, Daniel’s unique ability to enrapture audiences with finely-tuned tones on the big screen is largely in focus, however, the artist’s real origins began in the world of music.

Anyone who has seen a movie produced with the help of sound engineer Daniel Hernandez shouldn’t be surprised to learn that he’s spent countless years becoming a maestro of various instruments; he’s successfully bent pianos, guitars, congas, and didgeridoos to his will, to name but a few, all while picking up invaluable sound editing experience in a number of professional studios. In one of his most prominent films, My Two O’clock, audiences were directly exposed to Daniel’s eerie ability to unsettle and enthrall viewers with tense music and tones which helped give the film such dramatic flair.

Any good director can tell you that unparalleled sound quality is one of the few things which can make a movie stand out from its peers, which is undoubtedly why director Borja Moreno enlisted Daniel’s help in Everybody Knows. Shooting on a scenic beach may sound lovely, but for film experts trying to cut out the harsh roar of the distant waves, it can quickly devolve into a real nightmare. Luckily, with Daniel’s expert assistance, the production of Everybody Knows went off without a hitch, with Moreno having high praise for Daniel’s professionalism and foresight on set.

Audiences need to be subtly introduced to the audio intricacies of a scene, which is why Daniel’s expertise in both music and sound engineering is particularly effective; by seamlessly molding the background music and sound effects into one continuous auditory narrative, Daniel leverages his talents to produce an unparalleled aural experience for viewers. It’s not just a critical grasp on sound production nor a talent with various instruments that makes him valuable, either, but also his on-set experience which helps him keep sound equipment out of the shot and actors happily wired up with hidden microphones.

The numerous awards that the films Daniel has worked on have won are a testament to his expertise; whether it’s In Vino’s winning of a best screenplay award or Headway’s prideful seizing of an outstanding achievement word, the productions that Daniel has taken part in have routinely soared to new artistic heights. This is made all the more impressive when considering that, by the very nature of his work, Daniel’s best performances are those wherein the audience seldom even notice his work. If a sound engineer or musician is a true professional, their melodic harmonies and deftly-selected sound effects go unnoticed, blending smoothly into the background, whereas amateurs disrupt the film experience with jarring, out-of-place music.

A love for music and an uncanny ability to work in astonishing sound effects which drive home the visceral drama that’s appearing on-screen aren’t the only reasons that Daniel is always seeking new and greater filmmaking challenges, either. He also thrives in professional environments that demand the best of those working within them; In Vino drew his attention thanks to its ability to thrust him into a tense work environment with a large cast, where he quickly excelled. The film My Two O’clock was also a natural fit for Daniel because it enabled him to experiment with creative sound effects and whimsical tones as the head of sound design.

Being a stellar sound engineer demands a thorough ability to think outside the box while simultaneously understanding that audiences can’t be taken too off-guard by the music and tones they’re introduced to on the big screen. Perhaps it’s Daniel’s seemingly-effortless ability to blend music and sound engineering together that makes him the perfect fit for such roles, though one might also imagine that his collaborative talents and creative energy also drew him to the role.

The non-traditional path that brought him to his current place in the film industry is worthy of praise, too; Daniel rejected the stale, tired route that so many other sound engineers have wandered in pursuit of professional success, instead rising to fame with the help of his band, the LABrownies. The two successful albums and 9 music videos released by the band didn’t just help raise Daniel’s profile, but also gave him crucial on-set experience and a chance to develop a collaborative skill set needed to thrive in that industry.

Daniel’s dual-track expertise in both music and sound engineering is likely why director Christian DeAngelis sought out his expertise for the upcoming Eli and his Monster. Daniel had no small job working with DeAngelis, being forced to turn to new instruments and tones in pursuit of creating the ultimate sound experience for film-goers. The long hours he put into Eli and his Monster were welcomed as an opportunity to hone his skills rather than being lamented as extra work. With time and hard work, Daniel managed to successfully translate DeAngelis’ musical vision into a reality, helping propel the film towards its upcoming festival rotation where it will enamor fans everywhere.

Sound engineer Daniel Hernandez has established himself as one of the premier audio experts of the modern film industry, but that doesn’t mean he’s slowing down or turning away from new challenges. He still dreams of working on a nature documentary, where the intimate sounds of the wild must be captured with clear perfection if audiences are to become immersed in the film, and has every intention to keep dominating the stage of popular clubs with his band. Thanks to his musical talents and unparalleled sound engineering savvy, audiences everywhere can expect to hear more of Daniel sooner rather than later.



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