Nazarena Nóbile’s Film Career on the Rise in the U.S.

Argentinian Actress Nazarena Nóbile

After marrying her longtime love, model Juan Baldini, Argentinian actress and entertainment journalist Nazarena Nóbile relocated to the U.S. to settle in Miami — a move that, considering her position in the Latin American spotlight, came as a shock to her fans, as well as to many in the entertainment industry.

Many wondered: Would she be leaving it all behind?

With two new movies set for release later this year, the answer is a hard no. Taking on two very different roles in the upcoming feature films “Summer Night” and “Intolerance: No More,” it’s clear that Nazarena’s move to the states has been a strategic one.

Poster for “Summer Night”

In the upcoming film “Summer Night,” written and directed by Joseph Cross who’s known for his acting roles in the two-time Oscar award winning film “Lincoln” and the four-time Golden Globe award winning series “Big Little Lies,” Nazarena acts alongside Victoria Justice (“Eye Candy,” “Victorious”), Justin Chatwin (“American Gothic,” “Shameless”), Ellar Coltrane (“Boyhood,” “The Circle”) and other well-known American actors.

A film about the complexities of young romantic relationships, Nazarena comes into the film as Harmony’s disturbed sister, with Harmony played by Victoria Justice, whom Nazarena says she loved working with on the film.

In the police drama “Intolerance: No More,” Nazarena takes on a very different role as Lucy, the gentle housewife of a police officer, one of the film’s lead characters, who struggles to comes to terms with questions over morality and life and death. Directed by Sergio Guerrero, who earned the Golden India Catalina Award from the Cartagena Film Festival for “A Day Without a Mexican,” “Intolerance: No More” centers on an altercation between an African American woman and a Caucasian police officer that results in the officer’s death — the media frenzy that ensues, and the struggle to find out the real truth in the midst of all the chaos.

While Nazarena is known across Latin America for a multitude of roles, she is probably best known for her work as a reporter and panelist on the incredibly popular series “Intrusos.” One of the most watched daily entertainment shows in Argentina, Chile, Perú, Paraguay, Bolivia and Uruguay, “Intrusos” is known for its celebrity exclusives and edgey panelist commentaries. As a key figure on the series for several years, it definitely led Nazarena’s following to grow exponentially.

She admits, “It was very hard for me to leave. But I don’t regret it.”

Despite outsiders having doubts about the transition and her choice to leave behind such a pivotal role on “Intrusos,” relocating hasn’t diminished her career in the slightest. Instead, it has expanded the scope of her collaborative circle to include those working regularly in the U.S., and has gradually led her to become a celebrity in a totally new market. She is clearly on her way to going global.

About filming the two upcoming movies, Nazarena says, “It was a nice surprise. Two movies in two months for me! I came back from Atlanta where we filmed ‘Summer Night’ and a couple of weeks later I was catching a plane to Los Angeles to film ‘Intolerance: No More.’ I’m a lucky girl.”

Upon moving to the states she quickly landed roles on the Telemundo telenovela series “Silvana Sin Lana,” “Quien es Quien” and “Eva la Trailera,” as well as a role as a journalist on ESPN Radio. As she continues to become a recognizable face in the U.S. entertainment industry, Nazarena admits that she couldn’t have done it so quickly without the help of Argentinian producer Angel Cassani (“Never Surrender,” “Hell’s Chain”).

Nazarena explains, “Angel helped a lot in transitioning into Hollywood and made it easier. He was one of the people who trusted in me the most. So I’m very thankful… this is just the start for me. I love producing, acting and everything related to the entertainment industry. I have a lot of confidence in myself and I know exactly what makes me different from the rest… Getting to Hollywood has been my dream since I was a little girl.”

Nazarena is also producing the upcoming film “On the Other Side” alongside producers Angel Cassani and Estefanía Rebellon from the Golden Globe award winning series “Jane the Virgin.”



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